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Testimonials for Sampler

"Sick instant drum machine sampler with fx! Wow, this is really good, like no latency on the pads and it just feels great. The fx are the icing on the cake. The sound quality is great even with the built in iphone mic. HAILS!"

- iTunes User Review

"Awesome Beatmaker! Love it! It is fun and intuitive."

- iTunes User Review

"The app is very simple to use, and a good source of fun when setting up your own instrument with vocal samples, or finger taps, or anything around you that makes a sound."

- DJ Weekly, Issue 54

"Very cool. Real seamless capturing of sound and nice to have on pads. […] I can totally see myself using this to capture ideas out in the real world and bring my performances into Ableton."

- User Comment on Synthtopia

"A new sampler app that looks really good, is packed with features and only costs $0.99!"

- Palm Sounds

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